Pitom HaKetoret 66/2

Efrat, 90435, Israel

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All donations are Tax deductible as applicable by law in the United States, Canada, the U.K., Australia and Israel.

Building Donations

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Credit Card (please consider adding the 3% processing fee)

General Donations



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FOREIGN currency donations

Credit Card (please consider adding the 3% processing fee)

US Dollar donations:

Checks* should be made out to:

Central Fund of Israel

(Please put "Shirat David" in memo section)


Mailing Address:

Harold Schertz, SRI, LLC
Real Estate Asset Managers
232 Madison Ave,

Suite 608,

New York,

NY 10016


can be mailed to the Israeli Address below

Israeli Shekel (NIS) Donations

Checks* should be made out to:

Shirat David

Mailing Address:
Pitum Haketoret 70/2
Efrat, 9045854

No service fees are being charged for the processing of your checks

Direct bank Transfers / Horat Keva (also can be arranged through your bank)


Bank Details:
Bank Mizrachi Tefachot (20)
Branch Alon Shvut 454
Account 244846
Please send us the confirmation / receipt

Donations can be made as one-time or spread out over multiple payments

Please communicate with us about dedication opportunities. 

Please send all enquiries to:
Duvy Kupferberg